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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wasim Bari Optimistic about Future of International Cricket in Pakistan

Wasim Bari, newly appointed Chief Operating Office (COO) of PCB, has revealed his optimism about future of international cricket in Pakistan. He thinks that the current condition would improve significantly in the near future and international cricket will be back to Pakistan very soon. No international match was held in Pakistan since last March’s Lahore terror attack on Sri Lankan players.

Rediff reported:

"The dry spell is finally over and that's a good sign for our cricket," PCB's Chief Operating Office (COO) Wasim Bari said, adding, "A lot of positive developments are taking place. I must say that things are improving for Pakistan cricket."

Well, I am not that much optimistic about it. There is no scope of international cricket being held in Pakistan unless the security condition in the country improves significantly. It seems less likely to happen considering the security condition of last few years in Pakistan. Still, I hope that the condition will improve as soon as possible in what would convince ICC to allow international cricket to be held in Pakistan again.

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