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Thursday, September 24, 2009

India vs Pakistan CT 2009: Who are the players to watch?

This is the biggest cricket match in 2009. As far I know, India and Pakistan did not play in any international cricket match in 2009. So, this is indeed the biggest match for these two countries and millions of cricket fans. It is like Argentina vs Brazil in football. So, naturally the supporters are eagerly waiting for their favorite players to perform. I was thinking about the top players of both teams. I feel that for India, it will be Sachin Tendulkar and for Pakistan it will be Shahid Afridi who would be the main players that can decide the outcome of the match. Of course, cricket is a match in which eleven players play but I think that these two players are more important than the other twentieth players in that day. Undoubtedly, Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricket batsman of our time. However, he has become old and he is now 36-year-old and he can not run first like the past. There is no doubt that he is not in the prime of his form. But yet he is doing well. For example, a few days ago he scored a century in Sri Lanka. In 2009, Tendulkar is in good form and it is clear that he can play another two or three years and there is no one in Indian cricket team to replace him at this moment. So, in that match I think that the role of Tendulkar will be very important for Indian cricket team.
On the other hand, Shahid Afridi is now 29 years old and he has become matured. He is gradually emerging as a very influential all rounder in world cricket. He was mainly famous as a hard hitting batsman and he has now become some com and he has got some consistency in his batting at last. On the other hand, his bowling is very good and he has become a very important bowler for the Pakistan cricket team. So, the role of Shahid Afridi will be crucial if Pakistan wants to win the match.
Except these two players, I would like to take the name of MS Dhoni who is the captain of Indian cricket team. Dhoni is famous for his hard hitting style. Suresh Raina is also a gifted player and in bowling, Harbhajan Singh can be a real threat with his spin.
For Pakistan, there is no shortage of talent. In bowling, they have some quality bowlers like Mohammad Asif and in batting they have also some good batsmen. I think that fielding will be an important part and both Pakistan and India are not good when it comes to fielding.

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