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Monday, September 07, 2009

Impact of Lack of Money in Latin American Football

Earlier, I wrote an article on money and Latin American and African football in another blog named Asian Biz. In that article, I talked about the deteriorating condition of domestic leagues of Latin American and African countries.

After watching last Saturday’s Argentina vs Brazil world cup qualifying match, I could realize the fact that the quality of Latin American football is really deteriorating now. Even though both teams had a number of star players like Messi, Tevez, Robinho and Kaka, the kind of football the two arch-rivals displayed was not very exciting and enticing.

Having watched the match, I could also understand that the condition of domestic leagues in Latin America should be more disappointing because almost all the star players of this region are currently playing European leagues. The reason is nothing but money. European clubs can provide the star players like Messi with financial security and ensure a better life, while Latin American clubs can not afford to sign the players of this stature.

So, the moneyless condition could have a far-reaching effect on Latin American football which is considered to be one of the breeding ground of football. Many great players including Maradona and Pele came from Latin America.

It is true that the teams like Brazil and Argentina have still a number of quality players who have already become international celebrity, but they can not play expectedly because most of the time they play in different clubs of Europe and that is why, the national team can not have a right combination and lacks enough understanding among the players on the field.

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