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Friday, August 21, 2009

Will Emiri Miyasaka be the first Miss Universe from Japan?

Miss Japan

Name: Emiri Miyasaka


Height: 5’7”

Weight: 105 lb

Age: 25

Fluent in: Japanese, English

Over the years, Japan gave us beautiful women like Miyako Miyazaki, Kurara Chibana, Riyo Mori, Hiroko Mima and Mizuho Sakaguchi. Emiri Miyasaka will carry the torch this year. Born on June 16, 1984, Miyaska has been working as an international model. She first became interested to participate in Miss Universe after Kurara Chibana became the first runner up in 2006. Miyasaka is quite fluent in English because she spent ten months in California. Emiri Miyasaka is not any stranger to beauty contest in 2008 she became the second runner up at the Miss International. Miyasaka beat 3,000 applicants to win Miss Japan title this year. Post winning Miss Japan she was invited to the Primie Minister’s office which was a rare honor. Miyasaka was trained by Hiroko Mima who participated in Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Miyasaka believes that Miss Universe will help her to understand herself better and would be a great way to empower Japanese women. Over the years, the Japanese delegates got lots of attention from for their unique fashionable dresses. This year also, Miss Japan would come with a beautifully designed national costume. Emiri Miyasaka is perfect mixture of cute Japanese girl and a sexy diva. She has a sensual look that resembles Kurara Chibana. Emiri has a deep, low-pitched voice.

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