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Friday, August 07, 2009

Unrest in Kenya Cricket

(This entry was originally published on Sunday, March 15th, 2009)

Cricket in Kenya is struggling to hold on to its glorious past and this is nothing new for the African country. Cricket Kenya (CK) has been facing financial problem for a long time and every year CK is struggling with budget deficit. Thus cricket is losing its popularity day by day in the country. Problems are all around when it comes to Kenya cricket.

Well, recently a seemingly conflict between the players and the board caught the attention of international media. There was rumor that Kenyan cricket team, who are preparing for next month’s ICC 2011 World Cup Qualifier in South Africa, has boycotted training calling for a review of their contract. However, Thomas Odoyo, vice-captain of Kenya cricket team, dismissed such rumor, stating that they only had a meeting with Tom Tikolo, Cricket Kenya’s chief executive officer, on this regard. Tikolo would go back to the CK board members with the request of the players.

As I said earlier that CK is going through a financial crisis and that is why, players want assurance of their contract before they head to South Africa for the world cup qualifiers. Well, CK now should act smartly and co-operate with the players and let them know about their contracts. Otherwise, it could bring out a bigger disaster for cricket in Kenya.

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