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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Technology Helps Manchester United Win the Carling Cup!

(This entry was originally published on Thursday, March 5th, 2009)

Just think of a situation in which a goalkeeper of a football match blocks a penalty, after watching the video footage of the penalty taker’s earlier penalty kicks, and thus, knowing that to which side he would keep the shot. The same was done by Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster during the Carling Cup final against Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester United won the match 4-1 in penalty shoot out.

Ben Foster played a big role behind United’s triumph in the Carling Cup as he blocked the penalty taken by Jamie O’Hara. Before the penalty shot, Foster watched the video of O’Hara’s penalty kick, which he had taken against PSV Eindhoven last year. By watching the video on his iPod, Foster could guess that O’Hara was going to keep the ball on his left and he blocked it and took away with the man of the match title. Football Association (FA) is not going to take any action because it thinks that Foster was harmless in this action. Now, you can claim that technology helped the Red Devils to win the Carling Cup title.

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