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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rajat Kapoor in Siddharth The Prisoner

This entry was originally posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Rajat Kapoor’s movie career is not long and he did not act in too many high profile Bollywood. Still, he is no less talented as an actor. Rajat started his career as a director in theatre and then moved to film direction. Then he switched to acting. Knonw as the “Jack of all Trades,” Rajat directed, produced, acted and even wrote scripts for movies. As an actor, he did movies like Dil Chahta Hai, Corporate, Monsoon Wedding and Bheja Fry. He wrote script for movies like Raghu Romeo and Mithya. In an interview, this talented actor talks about his latest movie, Siddharth-The Prisoner.

Rajat Kapoor does character that satisfies him as an actor at the end of the day. If an actor looks back to his movie and sees that his character looks fake that is not good acting. A good actor should be satisfied with his work.

In Siddharth-The Prisoner, Rajat Kapoor played the role of a famous writer who just came out of the prison. Rajat believes that this character had lots of similarities with his character. Siddharth Roy is a passionate writer and in real life Rajat is also very much passionate about his script writing. What made Rajat accepted Siddharth-The Prisoner was Pryas Gupta’s passion about the movie. Rajat also liked his co-star Sachin Nayak. Despite being a debutante, he proved his talent.

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