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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FA to Investigate into an On-field-Clash Incident at Chelsea

Football is nothing but a game, but from our past experience, we can say that football matches sometimes take nasty turn, and thus, creating havoc on the field. An incident like this reportedly happened during a behind-close-door practice match between premier league club Chelsea’s reverse side and United Arab Emirates club Al-Ahli.

The match went on for 35 minutes before it was abandoned following some physical clashes between the players. Reports have it in the media suggest that it was Al-Ahli players who played very rough and tough, and made some knee-high and two-footed tackle. All these incidents started when Chelsea defender Ben Gordon was charged a two-footed tackle and it was reported that another Chelsea defender Jack Cork picked up an injured eye from the game.

Chelsea officials are trying to keep the incident undercover. First, they removed all the references regarding this match from their website, and then, a Chelsea spokesperson tried to decrease the intensity of the incident by calling it ‘unfortunate’ and that it was ‘dealt with’.

Well, FA has already prepared to make an investigation into the matter and to find out what exactly happened on that day. This kind of incident on a football field is really very disgraceful and it could affect the popularity of the game. It does not matter who were playing the game, be it a reserve side or the first team, the matter of fact is that something happened on the day and it should be investigated and those who were involved in it should be punished.

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