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Friday, August 21, 2009

Emiri Miyasaka’s official costume for Miss Universe 2009 upset Japanese people

Japanese woman in the past dazzled the world with their uncommon costumes at the Miss Universe contest but this time it did not go down very well with Miss Japan Universe, Emiri Miyasaka. Her Miss Universe costume created a huge uproar in Japan. She was accused of dressing like a prostitute. Emiri was wearing

“a short black leather kimono and hot pink stockings and suspenders.”

The official costume was designed by French designer Ines Ligron and Japanese designer Yoshiyuki Ogata. They defended the costume saying that the critics were “dinosaurs.” Because of the complaints the designers decided to tone down the costume before the final.

The costume was unveiled on catwalk in Tokyo last month and it was not well received by the critics. An official of IBG Japan said that they were very much surprised by the harsh comments from many people. The Kimono was originally longer but Ines Ligron decided to shorten it. Now, Emiri will wear a less offensive design. Ligron became very much upset with the negative response and said that conservatives criticized her costume while fashionistas loved it.

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