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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Arsenal Should not be in Europe Next Season

(This entry was originally published on Thursday, March 5th, 2009)

If you are a supporter of Arsenal football club like me then it is perhaps the time for being depressed and mourning because it is almost certain that in next season, the club may be out of Champions League action. However, it does not mean that we will not see the club in Europe next season because there is a strong possibility that the London club will be in UEFA Cup. So, for most of the supporters there should be something to cheer about but I do not like this matter at all.

It is not that I am I’m not happy that the club will be in UEFA Cup but to be honest with you I really wanted that arsenal did not play in Europe at all in next season because I feel that it is good time that the players get some rest as most of them are very young in age.

If they did not play in Europe next season then they would have to play less number of matches and they would get good rest that would help them to become fresh and more energetic for the next season.

I know that most supporters would not agree with me but if you look at the condition of the club then I feel that it is perhaps the best thing to be done at this moment. Arsene Wenger has an interesting style of giving the opportunity to young players to play at Carling Cup. I think that he should do the same thing about UEFA Cup. His top players should only play in English premier league and the young players and should play in other competitions next season.

Do you agree with me? By the way, did you know that EPL is becoming very popular in India and Arsenal is very popular there.

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