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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A.R. Rahman Wins Double Oscar for Best Original Score, Best Song in Slumdog Millionaire

(This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009)

Whether Slumdog Millionaire is a Bollywood film is one of the big questions roaming around in the movie world at this moment. The movie which wins the best movie title in this year’s Oscar is based on a bollywood bound story and features some Indian stars in some supporting roles. Well, if you ask my opinion I would say that this is not a bollywood movie because the leading actor and actress in the movie are not from India and the language of the movie is English.

Well, this does not mar the success of Bollywood music composer A.R. Rahman who has won Oscar in two categories: Best Original Score and Best Song. Well, A.R. Rahman is really a talented person who has already become India’s no. 1 music composer. However, one thing I could not understand is that how the song Jai Ho was awarded the Oscar as the best song because the song is written in Hindi language, not in English. Anyway, still I would say that A.R. Rahman deserves what he has achieved.

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