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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peter Hill-Wood: Wenger Not Leaving Arsenal

(This entry was first posted in Sunday, January 25th, 2009)

Giving promises before running for an election is not something new and so has done Fiorentino Perez, the former president of Real Madrid. This Spanish business tycoon is now interested to run for Real Madrid presidency once again and has recently launched a promise of bringing Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger at Bernabeu and AC Milan star Kaka if he is elected as Real Madrid president for one more time. However, Peter Hill-Wood, the chairman of Arsenal, has made it clear that Wenger would not leave the North London club, terming Perez’s promises laughable and disrespectful. Hill-Wood has also said that Arsenal has contract with Wenger until 2012 and he believes Wenger would not leave the club as the Frenchman has never broken contract in his life. Hill-Wood has also dismissed the talks of captain Cesc Fabregas being linked with Real Madrid.

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