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Friday, July 03, 2009

Blogger’s Block: Some Tips about How to Defeat It

If you are a writer then you must be aware of Writer's block. It is a condition when either a writer cannot write anything new or hardly can write. Also, in this kind of condition, they feel their best writing capacity is gone. The same way, blogger’s block has become a common expression these days as perhaps there are more bloggers than writers in Internet. I can tell you from my own experience that it is a very tough battle to fight. At this moment, I am suffering from it as it has become some difficult for me to update my blogs regularly.

Some more words about Blogger’s Blog

As for me, now the main challenge is to produce quality content. I like to think myself as an expert on South Asia and US economy. I have in fact 3 blogs about these subjects and I always enjoy writing about these topics. I have tried to write about technology and even movies but I did not enjoy them and I did not try that much about them. Instead, another field I enjoy a lot and I have a lot of knowledge is sports. So, these days, basically, I do these things. I opened this blog because I also love to write about blogging. I have 3 and half year’s of pro-blogging experience and I believe that I am among very few bloggers on Internet who pay all the bills with revenue from blogging.

Blogger’s Block bad for Earning Money

Anyway, my main problem these days is that I have lost some interest about doing the same thing. It is natural but a bad process. You know that blogging is kind of self employed type of job or business. You are on your own. If you are sick and can’t work then you cannot earn money. So, blogger’s block and earning money cannot work together.

Find the reason behind your negative Energy

Yes, this is the first thing you should do if you are suffering from blogger’s block. As for me, I have several reasons. My wife got very sick 3 week’s ago and it put a lot of stress on me. I was with her in the hospital and I became very worried. The stress and all the running made me physically some weak too. Naturally, when you feel weak in your body then it is some difficult to be productive like normal condition.

The second problem that I have been facing lately is financial worry. Well, because of economic recession, I have noticed significant drop in income for my blogs despite the fact traffic has improved compared to a year ago. Less income means more stress and less motivation for work.

The third cause of my block is some peculiar. I worked hard from December to establish two blogs. The first blog is about South Asia and the second one is about sports. I am not an expert on domain and hosting and as a result, what happened is that when my blogs became very popular it put a lot of pressure on my hosting account and as a result something happened and I lost Google traffic. In my Google webmaster account, the only thing I saw was “Network Unreachable” error. The problem was that suddenly in my blogs, a lot of visitors came at a very short time. As a result, I deleted all the entries from two blogs and transferred the two blogs to Google’s Blogspot hosting for Custom Domains. I could not find any automatic way of transferring from WordPress to Blogspot hosting. Both of them became weak despite the fact that I again reposted some of the deleted entries.

All these things put a lot of stress on my nerve and I lost my capacity of blogging. It has happened for the last 6 weeks. Today, I thought about it and I searched a lot about finding a solution to this problem. Fortunately, in Internet, I found some very good articles about it. I will provide their links in the rest of this entry and you should visit them if you have similar problem like me.

The most important Tip: Don’t be Rigid

Yes, perhaps this was my biggest mistake. I was too much rigid about the entries that I was writing. I wanted them to be good and get linked by other websites and blogs. Instead, I should focus on writing for myself. It should not matter if the content is not upto the mark. I of all the people know very well that when you try for something honestly and with a lot of dedication then it will become good sooner or later. So, when you find yourself in a blogger’s block then try to relax a bit, and if needed compromise with your quality.

Accept the Block

I may sound like Dale Carnegie to you but it really takes away a lot of pain from your mind when you can learn to accept the problem. Just say to yourself that it is a natural problem and it happens to at least 90% of bloggers.

Read More Write Less

Fortunately, this is the thing I have done in the last few weeks. I tried to read a lot. This time, instead of reading about business or sports, I read mainly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It gave a lot of happiness to see that I already follow many of the SEO tips given in different websites and blogs.

Try to celebrate and Find the Silver Lining

Even in bad times, some good things happen, don’t they? Yes, try to celebrate these good things. For example, in June 2009, I saw that Google page rank was updated twice. One of my blogs has now PR 6 which is really something to celebrate. When you are in a happy mood then overcoming any obstacle becomes easier. Also, think of the proverb that every cloud has a silver lining. I thought today that it was nice that all the problems happened in June and I am now free from most of them.

Try Something New

In this regard, Problogger Darren Rowse has written an excellent post: 20 Types of Blog Posts - Battling Bloggers Block

The title of his entry suggests that after reading it you can have enough ideas to bring some variation in your blogging life.

Write The Entries You Always Dreamt but You Couldn’t

Sometimes, you want to write something but may be you feel shy to write about it because you have fear that others may laugh at you. You may also feel that the thing you want to write is not related to theme of your blog. Or even, you may have thought that these entries wont bring money for you or even may lower your epcm. No problem, try them and I am sure that you will feel better.

Take Up a new Hobby or even Start a New Blog

I would not blame you if you become shocked with this kind advice. You may wonder that when you cannot cope up with your existing blog(s) then why you should open a new one. Well, I think that opening a new blog will take your attention away from the writer’s block. You do not need to earn money from the new blog. Just write about your hobby.

Have a positive Attitude, Have a Dream

I like to again stress on this matter because positive attitude can help you to overcome negative energy. Do you have any dream in blogging? I have several and the 3 of my dreams are: 1. To have 1 million page views per month for my blogs. 2. To have over 100,000 Feedburner Readers in at least one of my blogs some day. 3. One of my blog’s will get Page Rank 8 some day. I know that these dreams are too high and may be I wont get any of them. However, thinking of them bring sweet feelings even in worst of times.

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