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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Welcome to Sports37 Blog Second Time

You may wonder that what happened to this blog? Well, for one thing sure is that Sports37 could attract some decent amount of traffic and Feedburner readers. In fact, even today, it has 1200 Feedburner readers. In April 2009, the blog received more than 105,000 page views and 75,000 visitors and they came from all over the world. Its growing success became its main problem. I am basically a blogger and I love writing. However, I did not have that much knowledge about shared hosting. So, when a lot of people come at a time, the blog suffered problem and in the end, I noticed that in my Google Webmaster tool there were many errors with the phrase “Network Unreachable” and the blog lost Google traffic for one month.

I am not an expert on this kind of thing unfortunately. Anyway, buying a dedicated hosting or server is beyond my capacity and even if I can afford the money, I do not have good technical knowledge. So, I have decided to go for Blogger hosting of Google. As far as I know this hosting facility is excellent and it give all the facilities of Blogspot blogs.

It is really painful to suffer such a setback. I am grateful to all the visitors who have supported this blog and all the Feedburner subscribers. This is a new beginning for Sports37 blog. We are dedicated to provide you excellent coverage on sports- Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis etc. Building a blog from scratch is always a big challenge. However, the good thing is that we have 4 dedicated writers all of whom are great enthusiasts of sports. Let us pray for the best.

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