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Thursday, June 04, 2009

T20 World Cup 2009 Opening Ceremony: Some Observations

Tomorrow is the day of the start of T20 World Cup 2009. So, it is obvious that tomorrow is going to be the day of opening ceremony and we all know that this is an exciting event for all the cricket fans. So, as a Blogger, I felt that I should write an entry about the event. I spent the last few hours for searching about any kind of information about the opening ceremony of twenty20 World cup 2009. I am very sad to report to you that I could not find any information except that it will take place tomorrow June 05, 2009 and it will take place in Lord’s cricket stadium. The time of Opening Ceremony of T20 World Cup 2009 is 9:00 PM Indian Time (ICC World T20 2009 Opening Presentation).

I visited Google news and the only thing I could find was that some reporters reminded us of the fact that in 1999 cricket world cup, the opening ceremony was a disaster and it was always very poorly. In other words, The World Cup opening ceremony that your initiate of keeping entertainment to the spectators became some kind of torture. So, perhaps the main player of all the cricket fans is that ECB does not make the same mistake this time and try to present colorful event. What I understand is that in opening ceremony Twenty20 World Cup 2009, either the prime minister of Great Britain or a very high official of the government will be present.

In ESPN Star, I found some information about opening ceremony of ICC World Twenty20 trophy:

Manjerekar, speaking at a scintillating opening ceremony organised to unveil the ICC World Twenty20 trophy in New Delhi on Tuesday said the likes of Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma have come of age and are likely to carry a bulk of the batting responsibilities.

It seems that ECB has not learned very well from the disaster of 1999 opening ceremony and this time they are not giving any information to the media. I do not understand that Why they decided to keep everything a big secret. As a result, People will not be able to understand what will happen tomorrow at the event and whatever happens will be a surprise.

ESPN reported:

Therefore, the ECB is determined to put together a golden ceremony to usher in the 17-day tournament this year.

However, the Board are tightlipped about the plans but one learns that Aleesha Dixon of "Strictly to Dance" fame and who won a major award in 2007 and took a part in a dance called Miss-Teeq will be performing in the opening ceremony.

This is perhaps the best thing that I could find about the ceremony. It is really very tragic that Cricket is becoming an unimportant sports in England which is the birthplace of modern cricket. I really cannot understand the hide and seek mentality of ECB officials. They should promote the event and try to encourage people to join the opening ceremony in the stadium and outside of the stadium in the different cities of England because it is the biggest event that the country’s going to host in 2009.

Here, I like to remind the readers that similar thing happened during Indian premier league 2009. There was no information in the media about the opening ceremony of IPL 2009.

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