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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Interview of Jyle Dupuis: The Footie Blogger

The Footie is a blog dedicated only to football (soccer). This is one of the sports blogs under b5 media and I am a regular reader of the blog. In fact, I have been following the blog over the last one year. The Footie covers several news and information about club football as well as international football. The interesting thing about the blog is that you can find variety of news about football events like transfer rumor, individual player information, interesting videos etc. For example, I got a video titled Worst Soccer Miss Ever! in the blog.

I sent an email to the blogger of The Footie, Jyle Dupuis yesterday with some interview questions and he quickly sent me the reply. So, enjoy the interview:

Razib Ahmed: Give us a brief description about the blog The Footie?

Jyle Dupuis: The Footie is a blog that covers the latest in world soccer news. I try to focus more on the MLS but also cover major events like the Euro-Cup, World Cup etc… The Footie also tries to cover new about individual soccer players as well. I think people want to know what their favourite players are up to.

Razib Ahmed: What is your most memorable event that you cover in the blog?

Jyle Dupuis: The best game I ever watched was when Italy played France for the Euro-Cup. I was in France at the time, and when they won in what can only be called a miracle, I was caught up with everyone else in the excitement.

Razib Ahmed: What do you think are the ways to increase the popularity of Major League Soccer (MLS) across the world?
Jyle Dupuis: We need to make soccer popular in North America first. It’s not an easy market here. People love to play the game but not watch it. With basketball and hockey being so action packed a slower game like soccer is hard for some to sit through and enjoy. The MLS needs to take things slow and get people excited at the local levels. Make tickets more affordable and get the players involved in the communities.

Razib Ahmed: What do you want to take the blog in future?
Jyle Dupuis: I would like to see my blog become more MLS oriented and get people commenting and getting excited about their local teams.

Razib Ahmed: Do you think that worldwide credit crunch has affected world football anyway?
Jyle Dupuis: No doubt it has. But it makes me sad to see ticket prices go up to support the increased wages of soccer players. If things continue the way they are headed no one will be able to afford to watch a game.

Razib Ahmed: Do you think David Beckham’s arrival at Los Angeles Galaxy increased the popularity of MSL?
Jyle Dupuis: It has but not to the extent I was expecting. It seems that it was more of a publicity stunt than anything. Having Beckham play for the LA Galaxy didn’t help them one bit. If Beckham is supposed to be the saviour of soccer than he needs to step it up and play for the money they are paying him.

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