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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 without Ronaldo?

I am not talking about Ronaldo of Manchester United. He will be busy with Arsenal vs Manchester United Champions League match this week. So, you can easily understand that I am talking about Ronaldo of Brazil who helped Brazil to win World Cup trophy in 1994 and in 2002. Now he is 33 years old and playing in Corinthians club in Brazil. Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer in World Cup Football events and for his national team, he has scored 62 goals from 97 appearances. So, he should be the dream of any coach.

Well, the current national coach Dunga is not impressed with him because of his suffering from injury a lot in recent time. So, most probably, Ronaldo will not make in the squad of FIFA Confederations Cup 2009. This event will take place in South Africa in June 2009. FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 is perhaps the biggest international football event of this year. Well, Dunga may feel that there are many other top quality strikers in the current Brazilian side and he will be better off without Ronaldo. Even, Dunga will perhaps not include him in World Cup qualifying match of 2010. Well, Ronaldo has some influential supporters in the country and I will not be surprised if Dunga has to include him in the end.

(This entry was originally uploaded in May 2009 in this blog. Then, it had to be deleted for technical problem. I am uploading again it today).

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