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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chinese school use golf to teach etiquette to its children

Golf is not only a game but also a great way of learning etiquette. If you notice carefully you will see that golfers do not run and sweat like football, hockey or any other games; it is played on a ground that is very clean and quiet, and players do not shout and the spectators also do not shout as well. All you hear is just clapping of the hands. Truly, golf is a great a way teach etiquette.

For this reason, a Chinese school made golf mandatory for its students. Beijing’s Hujia School has made golf mandatory for its second grade chidren. The idea is not just instill the love of the game at a very young age but also teaching them etiqutte.

There was a time, when China frowned upon the game of golf. The game entered into China in the 1980s and created lots of controversies. Chinese government used to call it “green opium” as it is played by rich man and took over arrable lands away from the farmers. Now, things have changed a lot. Many big political leaders of China enjoy golf now days.

However, golf is still wealthy men’s game in China. The children of Hujia school belong to wealthy families. Not all the schools can give similar facilities. Moreover, golf is not so popular. It needs some big stars like Yao Ming, who popularized basket ball in China.

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