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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Can Carlo Ancelotti be Successful in English Premier League?

Chelsea has officially signed new coach Carlo Ancelotti ending all the speculation regarding Ancelotti’s possible move away from AC Milan this summer. The former Italian player has seen extensive success with Serie A club AC Milan during his 8-year stint. AC Milan won two Champions league titles, alongside one Serie A, One Italian league cup and one Italian Supercup title under Carlo Ancelotti. However, the coach faced some criticism recently because of the recent poor form of the club.

Now, the question is that if Carlo Ancelotti will be successful at his new job with Chelsea where no coach got a long stint since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich purchased the club in 2003. In fact, Ancelotti has become the sixth manger of Chelsea since Abramovich brought the club.

I think, it would not be easy for the new coach to bring success at Chelsea within very short time because the club has changed its player singing policy recently and has now become more concerned about its youth side. It is a good sign, but you can see there is no player at Chelsea youth side at this moment who could be a future star. Moreover, a number of quality players left Chelsea over the last one year and most of the Chelsea stars are now aging. So, bringing success at Chelsea very soon would not be very easy for Carlo Ancelotti. If Chelsea does not give him enough time as they did with Scolari, then Ancelotti could be another sad story for Chelsea.

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  1. Ringo Aaron12:01 PM

    With Carlo Ancelotti at our hands now its time to make sure Sergio Arguero comes to Stamford Brigde, he will be the best there and he will give us lots of cups as he is the Messi's quality.