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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tim Nielsen: Take Twenty20 Seriously

Australian coach Tim Nielsen has asked cricket community to take twenty20 format of the game seriously, putting an end to its exhibition status. Nielsen thinks that there should be three or five match Twenty20 series alongside ODI and test series in a full-fledged tour, and thus, making it more important to the participating team. Now, most of the cricket tours includes only one twenty20 match for which the participating teams do not bring any change in their squad and do not give much of important to the one-off twenty20 internationals.

Well, I also agree with Tim Nielsen. I think that twenty20 cricket has huge popularity among the cricket fans and when something has popularity among the general fans then it is useless to try to restrict the popularity at international level because the popularity of the shortest version of the game will keep growing thanks to its hard-hitting batting display and full of excitement. So, I think, every cricket tour should include at least a three-match twenty20 series.

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