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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Barcelona vs Manchester United: Different Business Models

It is that clash of two of the largest clubs in Europe and whoever will win tomorrow will take away the coveted prize of championship of champions league. They are from two different countries: England and Spain. Manchester united Is the top level of England football and this season, they have on the title of the English premier league very easily. On the other hand, Barcelona is one of the top two teams of Spain and they have achieved a similar success in Spanish league football this season. There is no doubt that some of the greatest players of our time to play in these two clubs. However, despite all the similarities there is one big difference in the way they do business.

Guardian has written a very excellent report about it:

The contrasts appear so clear as to be blinding. Barça, who cannot be bought and whose president must stand for election by the fans; United, taken over against the wishes of the fans and the board itself by the Glazer family, who have loaded the club with around £700m of debt and own it, via a thicket of companies, in the low-tax US state of Nevada. Barça, flagbearers for the idea that a football club is a home of belonging; United, epitomising the English belief that the free market, and billionaires, must rule even sport.

So, Tomorrow we will see the conflict of to business models and two business cultures. We will have to wait another 24 hours to know the result.

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