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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Arsene Wenger: Turning Away Multi Million Dollar Offer from Real Madrid?

I am a staunch supporter of Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger. I have written time and again that his strategy is the right one for the club despite the fact that it won no trophy for the last few years. However, it has become strong and it is clear that Arsenal is going to get its old form back from next year and tough days are almost over. Anyway, it came to the media now that Real Madrid club was interested about him and they even wanted to pay him £8m a year (almost $1 million per month) for the next 5 years. It is a huge sum of money and I don’t know how many coaches get this kind of salary in world football.

Arsene Wenger has rejected the offer politely and he thinks that he will end his coaching career in London. I think that he has taken the right decision. In fact, he has introduced a new philosophy in football coaching. He always targeted young players and bought them very cheaply for his club. Then guided them and turned them in to world famous superstars. No coach in the world today has his skill in this regard.

Now, for the time being, Arsene Wenger is concerned about the Arsenal vs Manchester United in Champions League Semifnal. He wants to win and bring a trophy for his club this season. Well, although I am a big Gunners supporter, I am not that much hopeful.

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