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Monday, May 04, 2009

Arsenal Supporters Trust Supports Stan Kroenke Totally

The other day, I wrote about Stan Kroenke becoming the leading shareholder in Arsenal football in another blog. I stated that I like this man because he is involved in the sports industry seriously and he is not like the other billionaires in EPL who has hardly any involvement with the sports business. Now, it seems that Arsenal Supporters Trust has got similar attitude about Stan Kroenke and they have urged other big shareholder to support him.

Guardian wrote:

Arsenal, however, are adamant there has been no improper behaviour nor any rules broken. The Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) – whose members hold around 3% but act as the voice for small shareholders who together own about 12% of the shares – have long championed the involvement of Kroenke and believe everyone must pull in the same direction.

"The AST regrets that a shareholder has chosen to involve the Takeover Panel," a statement said. "Their complaint is about protecting shareholder value. We represent Arsenal supporters who own shares as custodians of the club.

I hope that this thing will happen and in the end Arsenal will become a stronger team. Many people feel that Arsene Wenger has bad policy of transfer but they forget that Arsenal does not have that much money for buying new players. Now, the emergence of Stan Kroenke may change this situation hopefully.

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