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Saturday, May 02, 2009

After BCCI, Other Cricket Boards Planning to Lift Ban on ICL Players

You know that BCCI has recently lifted its ban on the players, staffs and officials involved with Indian Cricket League (ICL) on the condition that they would cut their ties with ICL by 31 May 2009. ICL players, however, would have to play domestic cricket for a year before becoming eligible for international selection. Following BCCI’s amnesty on ICL players, the other cricket boards are now all set to follow the footstep of BCCI by lifting ban on ICL players.

Cricket boards in Bangladesh, New Zealand and Pakistan have already indicated that they are going to lift ban on ICL players. New Zealand board has even said that it would like its ICL players to return to international fold even before a year. So, it is clear that other cricket boards are keen to get back their ICL players back in the team. Here, I can just see the complete hegemony of BCCI in world cricket. Now, let us see if ICL players would like to come back in international fold, by terminating their ICL contracts.

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