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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pakistan vs Australia 4th ODI Dubai: Online Live Score

If you want to get the live score and updates of the fourth ODI between Pakistan and Australia, then visit the following link:

Pakistan vs Australia 4th ODI on 1 May 2009 Updates

Just one correction: the match will take place in Abu Dhabi not in Dubai.

Whether you support Pakistan or Australia, you will have to agree with me that the series is now hanging on a nice balance after the 3 matches. Yes, Australia is leading by 2-1 and if they win the 4th ODI then they will win the series. On the other hand, all Pakistani fans are praying to God that their team wins the match and thus the series will come back to 2-2. If that happens then the 5th ODI will decide the fate of the series. After the One Day series, there is going to be only one Twenty20 match.

I have to say that I am disappointed with the 3 matches that have finished so far. I could not see any exciting thing. Dubai should have been a good pitch for batting but the bowlers dominated. That is why, we could not see any century in the series so far. I hope that a century comes in the 4th ODI. In the past, in Sharjah we have seen that batsmen dominated and many runs were scored. This time, in Dubai, I am a bit surprised to see that bowlers are on top. Well, Pakistan and Australia both are famous for their fast bowlers. So, this may be one reason too.

In the 3rd ODI, at one stage Pakistan looked strong and most fans thought that their favorite team would win. However, Australian bowlers took some quick wickets and took the match out of Pakistan’s reach and the supporters became depressed and left the stadium even before the match finished.

It is poor batting that is now the main cause of concern for Pakistan team. Only Afridi is in good form. Even Afridi was a failure in the lsat match. Well, Afridi is never a consistent batsman and that is why, other batsmen have to come forward and try their best to get some decent runs. Stuart Clark thinks that match fitness is absent among Pakistani players because they did not play for a long time.

Fox Sports wrote:

But Clark said, that with Pakistan having had several scheduled tours cancelled in recent months, the relative novelty of being under the pressure of a tight match might have hurt them.

"It's pretty obvious they haven't played much cricket and I think that showed in the pressure situations," Clark said.

"When you talk match fitness, that's got a lot to do with match fitness, making good decisions under pressure.

Pakistani bowlers are doing well. They are doing their job in almost every match. It is the batsmen who are letting the team down. On the other hand, Australian bowlers are in good form. They are putting pressure in every match. This is now the key behind their success in the last two matches.

The Hindu wrote:

Clarke’s brilliant bowling, which saw Pakistan lose all its wickets in the space of 76 runs, steered his team to a 2-1 lead in the five-match series.

Praise for bowlers

“We did the job in the end and that feels great,” man-of-the-match Clarke told reporters.

“We did bowl well, but still need to work hard when it comes to batting. We were probably 20 to 30 runs short of our intended target. Full marks to our bowlers, specially the spinners, for doing the job for us.”

What I feel is that Pakistani players have to work on increasing their confidence level. They looked very weak in the last match. The manager and other officials should talk to the players. Some of the players are obviously unhappy over the fact that no cricket is taking place in the country for many months because of security reasons. The players also could not play in IPL. So, they lost a lot of money.

If you are looking for live score of the match then there a number of websites. Some of them are:






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