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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League 08-09: Live Updates

Chelsea (4) vs Liverpool (4)

The terrific match was ened in a 4-4 draw. Chelsea reached the semi final of Champions League on 7-5 aggregate.

90+3 minutes: Fernando de Santo came in place of Drogba just before the final whistle came.

90+1 minutes: Drogba is little bit injured now.

90 minutes: Essien cleared a seemingly goal from the line.

89 minutes: Lampard scored the equalizer for Chelsea. It is now 4-4.

85 minuts: Babel comes in place of Arbeloa.

84 minutes: Drogba was about to score, but his shot went just off the target.

83 minutes: Reira's cross was headed home by Torres. Liverpool is now leading by 4-3. What an evetful match it is!

81 minutes: Lucas' shot was deflected into the post. It is 3-3 now.

80 minutes: Ballack's free kick went wide off the target.

76 minutes: Chelsea scored another one thanks to Lampard who scored from Drogba's pass.

74 minutes: Liverpool had a number of threatening attack in the last couple of minutes. Aurelio shown yellow card.

70 minutes: Reira comes in place of Mascheranho. Reds need two more goals without refund to make it to the last four.

67 minutes: Ballack failed to defeat Liverpool keeper after receiving a pass from Drogba.

65 minutes: Ashlay Cole shown yellow card and he would miss the semi final if Chelsea progresses to the last four.

63 minutes: Liverpool went very close to score again, but Ivanovic cleared it.

60 minutes: Chelsea is now full of confident and is attacking more. Chelsea got another free kick, but nothing happened.

57 minutes: ALex scored from an excellent free kick. Tremendous come back from Chelsea. It is now 2-2.

55 minutes: Drogba's free kick went jsut off the target. Another threatening attack from Chelsea.

51 minutes: Chelsea scored superbly as Anelka's cross was just tapped by Drogba before going into the post.

47 minutes: A threatening attack from Liverpool. Peter Cech came forward, but later on chaged his mind, keeping his goal open. Chelsea was lucky not to have conceded a goal.

46 minutes: Second half started just now.

It is half time in the second leg quarter final match at Stamford Bridge. It was an eventful first half. We are hoping the second half will be more eventful. So, be with us for the second half updates.

Steven Gerrard did not feature in the Liverpool first eleven.

45 minutes: Two threatening attacks from Liverpool, one hit the cross bar too. Chelsea was lucky not to have conceded the thrid one here.

44 minutes: Liverpool got two back-to-back coners, but nothing happend.

43 minutes: Alonso's free kick went stright to Chelsea goalkeeper.

40 minutes: Banayoun shown yellow card for tackling Anelka illigally.

38 minutes: Chelsea seems to be in more attacking mood now.

36 minutes: There is a famous saying that "Attacking is the best form of defending." That is pehaps the reason for Hiddink to bring on Anelka in place of Kalou.

33 minutes: Liverpool got a corner, but Chelsea defense was up to the mark.

31 minutes: Chelsea had a threatening attack and got a free kick. Lampard took the free kick poorly.

28 minutes: Liverpool was awarded a penalty, and Alonso scored. Liverpool is now leading by 2-0. Ivanovic was shown yellow card.

25 minutes: Chelsea got a free kick and Malouda took it, but nothing happened in the end.

23 minutes: Alonso sent a threatening pass, but it found no one in the box.

21 minutes: Liverpool seems to be more confident now after scoring a goal.

19 minutes: WHAT a GOAL! What a GOAL! Liverpool's Aurelio scored from a long-range free-kick. Peter Cech must take the responsibility of the goal.

15 minutes: Cole's cross did not find anyone in the Liverpool box and goalkick for Liverpool.

13 minutes: Fernando Torres missed perhaps the easiest chance of the match as he failed to convert Benayoun's flick from a short range.

10 minutes: Chelsea seems to be more organized, while Liverpool is in more attacking mode.

8 minutes: Drogba looked to be little bit injured, but the Ivorian international recovered it. Liverpool is now on attack.

5 minutes: Liverpool seems to be in attacking mode, but they do not seem to be very organized in attack.

2 minutes: Btoh sides had attacks in the first two minutes, but nothing happened in the end.

0 minute: The match has started just now.

Players are now warming up in the field.

Chelsea and Liverpool lock horn in a much-anticipated second round quarter final match of Champions League tonight (14 April 2009) at Stamford Bridge. With 3-1 first leg win, Chelsea holds an advantage, but Liverpool is gearing up to make another historic come-from-back victory as they did in the Champions League 2005 final against AC Milan.

Here, in this entry, we will be giving you live updates of the match after every few minutes. The match kicks off at 19:45 BST (British Standard Time). So, be with us when the match starts.

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