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Friday, April 24, 2009

Asus F70: First 17.3 Inches Notebook

It seems that today, I am in a mood for writing about laptops. In this blog, I mainly cover about sports although the name if Techtainment and even in the url you can find the term Tech. In fact, I wanted to make this blog about Technology, business and blogging. This was the original idea but then I found that sports is something that I like and many people like. This way, we have got huge response from many people around the world. Now, we have our domain Sports37 and you will be happy to know that today, more than 6000 people visited the website. So, you may go there too and enjoy the sports coverage.

In the meantime, let me tell you something about Asus F70 laptop. It is a large notebook as its display is 17.3". I like this kind of display because it is very comfortable to work with. 1,920-x-1,080 sounds cool to me and it will satisfy even the most spoilt user who is sensitive about video quality. PC World has written about it and you should go there if you are interested. Just remember that its price is over $1000.

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