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Monday, March 23, 2009

Venue of IPL 2009 T20: England or South Africa?

Decision over a relocated venue IPL 2009 is yet to come from BCCI, but it is pretty much confirmed that either England or South Africa would host the matches of IPL 2009. A group of high officials in BCCI are interested to move the tournament to England, while another group is in favor of South Africa. TV timing, logistics, operational costs are the issues which are now being considered while deciding over the venue.

Many people prefer England because Twenty20 world cup 2009 will take place just after IPL 2009 Twenty20 event. So, it would be helpful for Indian team to be prepared for the Twenty20 world cup. However, England as a venue has a shortcoming when it comes to TV timing. If the matches are to be held as scheduled then the first match of a day would have to start at 11.30 am local time in England in what would be 4 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). At that time in England, it is less likely to see a sold-out match. No matter, how multi-cultural or multi-racial cricket crowd England possesses.

Moreover, English country cricket would also start at the same time and that is why, county fixture would also be affected by IPL tournament and some of the countries have already voiced their concern. However, England has an advantage and that is the traveling cost because the venues are within bud-ride distance, but when it comes to hotel and TV production cost, South Africa holds an advantage.

Both South Africa and England have some advantages as a venue for IPL 2009, but England seems to be ahead at this moment and it is more likely the England will organize the IPL 2009 Twenty20 tournament.

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