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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Manchester United vs Liverpool Live Updates: 14 March 2009

Manchester United (1) vs Liverpool (4)

The match has finished with Liverpool picking up an excellent win at Old Trafford. This is the first win for Liverpool at Old Trafford since Rafael Benitez took over as Liverpool manager.

90+3 minutes: Liverpool won the match 4-1.

90 minutes: Dossena scored another goal for Liverpool. This is now 4-1. Can you believe it?

88 minutes: Ronaldo failed to control the ball in the box, and eventually lost the possession.

86 minutes: What a Miss! Gerrard failed to keep the ball into post, but his short range shot went off the target. This is perhaps the easiest chance of the match.

84 minutes: Rooney kept the ball in the box, but Reina gripped it before Berbatoz reached.

81 minutes: Babbel replaced Torres.

77 minutes: Aurellio scored from the free-kick and Liverpool is now leading by 3-1.

76 minutes: Nemanja Vidic was shown RED Card! He tackled Gerrard illegally; otherwise, it could have been another goal for Liverpool.

73 minutes: Three changes for Manchester Untied. Andersen, Park and Carrick went out and Scholes, Berbatov and Giggs came on the field.

70 minutes: Neither side is dominating in the match now.

68 minutes: Dossena comes in and Reira goes out.

65 minutes: Lucas had a shot at target, but United keeper was up to the mark.

63 minutes: United got another good chance. Ronaldo's cross was kept in the box by Rooney's chip, but Tevez failed to reach the ball.

60 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances. United got a free kick, but nothing happened in the end. Mascherano was shown yellow card.

53 minutes: Ronaldo's free-kick was easily gripped by Reina.

51 minutes: Manchester United is looking for the equalizer.

48 minutes: Manchester Untied is in attacking mood at this moment.

46 minutes: Second half has just started.

It is now half time at Old Trafford. We will be back with the second half updates. So, do not go anywhere and be with us.

45 minutes: Liverpool got a free kick and then United got a corner, but nothing happened.

44 minutes: Liverpool scored again as Gerrard scored from penalty. Liverpool is now leading by 2-1.

42 minutes: Michael Carrick's long range shot just missed the target. It would have been an excellent goal, had it found the post.

40 minutes: Manchester United got another corner, but it was cleared in end.

37 minutes: Ferdinand was shown yellow card for tackling Kyut.

35 minutes: Ronaldo's free kick was not well-gripped by Liverpool goalkeeper, the ball slipped from him gloves and Tevez went very close to it before the Reds keeper gripped it again.

33 minutes: United for a free kick, but nothing happened in the end.

30 minutes: Rooney had a threatening corner, but Ronaldo just missed to reach it.

28 minutes: Torres scored the equalizer for Liverpool. He received a through ball from behind and slotted past the United keeper.

26 minutes: Manchester United seems to have been inspired after scoring, while Liverpool seems to have cut on their confidence. Liverpool is losing ball possession very often.

23 minutes: Manchester Untied got a PENALTY! Ronaldo scored from it. So, the home side is now leading 1-0.

22 minutes: Liverpool earned a free-kick, well taken by Gerrard, but there was no Liverpool player where it landed.

20 minutes: Torres had a very good attack, but United defense was up to the mark

16 minutes: Manchester Untied got two back-to-back corner, but neither of them was threatening.

13 minutes: Evra's shot went off the target. Nice attack from United, but not a good finish.

10 minutes: Neither side is dominating now

8 minutes: United is on attack

6 minutes: Both sides are trying to dominate in the game, Torres had a run in the left, but it was cleared in the end.

3 minutes: Park got the ball just outside the box, but it was cleared for a corner. The corner was taken poorly.

1 minute: Manchester United earned the first corner of the match, but nothing happened in the end.

0 minute: The match has started just now

Players are on the field now.

Players are lining up in the tunnel.

Manchester United will play in 4-4-2 formation with Tevez and Rooney up front, while Liverpool will play in a 4-5-1 formation with Torres playing up front, Reira returning after missing the Champions League tie with Real Madrid on suspension. Xabi Alonso is missing the match with injury.

The match between Manchester United and Liverpool will take place at Old Trafford, Manchester. In this post, we will be giving you live score and updates of the match which kicks off from 12:45 GMT. So, be with us and enjoy the updates of the match.

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