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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IPL 2009 Still Uncertain

Second season of IPL is due to kick off on 10 April 2009, but it is not yet confirmed if the tournament will take place this year following talks between IPL and Indian Home ministry over security concern has been concluded without any fruitful decision being taken. IPL 2009 is supposed to take place in various venues across the country from April 10 to May 24, but the problem is that India’s parliamentary election is also due to be held from April 16 to May 13 with the overall the process being concluded upon counting of votes on May 16. The original IPL schedule overlapped election dates and that is why, IPL authority submitted a revised schedule which was rejected by the government last week, and thus, putting the tournament in uncertainty. Government said that it would not be able to provide enough security to the tournament during the election.

Now that talks between IPL and home ministry failed, IPL authority would need to re-jig the schedule again and submit it to the government and another rejection by the government might force IPL authority to cancel the tournament for this year because the year 2009 is very much packed with international cricket schedule. Government now wants such a schedule in which states, due to host IPL matches, would be need to count on its election security forces in order to arrange security for the IPL matches. Now, let us see if IPL authority can come up with a revised schedule which will convince the government.

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