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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Carling Cup Final 2009: Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur Live Updates

Manchester United (4) vs Tottenham Hotspur (1)

Manchester United has won the match 4-1 in tie breaker. So, Ferguson boys clinched the Carling Cup 2009 title, second title for United this season. Stll, three left to make it five.

Manchester also scored.

Tottenham Scored

Manchester United is now leading by 2-0

Tottenham missed it.

Manchester United scored and is now leading by 1-0.

Dear readres, hold on to your breath and wait for the 10 deciding shots.

ET 30 minutes: Now, it is penalty shoot-out.

ET 28 minutes: Manchester and Tottenham are on their last try now, but neither side seems to be very organized at this moment.

ET 25 minutes: Time is running out for both sides because they have only 5 minutes left in hand before entering into the nail-bitting tie-breaker.

ET 21 minutes: Tevez had a sot at goal, but went off the target.

ET 20 minutes: Tottenham has come back excellently well in the second half of extra time.

Extra time first half was dominated by Manchester United. Now, let us see what happened in the second half of extra time.

ET 15 minutes: The first half of Extra Time has also finished in goalless.

ET 14 minutes: United seems to be playing better now and creating more chances. Ronaldo has made a couple chances over the last few minutes, but goal has not come yet.

ET 12 minutes: Giggs has made an instant impact on the game.

ET 8 minutes: Carlos Tevez is trying his best to prove he worths a permanent deal by United at the end of the season.

ET 5 minutes: Extra time play started. Giggs has come on the filed in palce of Gibson.

The full time of the Carling Cup Final 2009 final has been eneded in goalless. Now, it is time for extra time display. We will take you through the extra time action and tie-breaker, if needed. So, be with us.

93 minutes: Carlos Tevez could have earned a last-gasp winner for United, but his shot went just off the target.

92 miniutes: Dawson earned a free-kick, but nothing happened from Heurelho Gomes's free kick.

90 minutes: Injury time play is going on now.

88 minutes: Both sides got some good chances over the last few minutes, but it is still goalles at Welbley stadium.

82 minutes: Now, it seems both sides would need extra time to present the fans with a much-awaiting goal.

80 minutes: United seems to be in more attacking mood at this moment. Vidic comes in place of O'Shea.

75 minutes: Anderson's effort was blocked by Tottenham keeper. Ohh! I forgot to inform you that Anderson is playing in place of Welback for Manchester United and Tottenham’s Pavlyuchenko was replaced by O'Hara.

70 minutes: Both sides are trying heart and soul to clinch a goal, knowing that it could give them Carling Cup title.

68 minutes: Ronaldo shown yellow card. Man Utd fans felt that they got a penalty card but Refree did not agree

65 minutes: Tottenham came very close of scoring a goal from a counter attack. Change of player for Tottenham.

62 minutes: Manchester United got a corner and came to close to a goal but just close

60 minutes: The match is still goalless.

55 minutes: Neither side is dominating at this moment.

53 minutes: Manchester United has 51% and Tottenham has 49% ball possession. So, you can guess the kind of contest two teams created in the match.

50 minutes: Tottenham got a free kick, but nothing happened in the end

48 minutes: The match is still goalless.

46 minutes: Second half started just now

Now, it is half time at the Wembley Stadium, London. We will be back with the second half updates. So, do not go anywhere and be updated.

45 minutes: The first half ended in goalless, but both sides got a few chances that they squandered off.

43 minutes: Manchester United has now more ball possession than Tottenham Hotspur

40 minutes: Both sides are looking to clinch the Carling Cup title, but goal is yet to come in the match.

35 minutes: The match is still goalless. Pavlyuchenko went very close to score, but his head went wide off the target.

30 minutes: Manchester United is playing better at this moment, but I would not say the Red Devils are dominating.

27 minutes: United looks very balanced in the presen of young talents like Evans and Welback as well as experienced players like Scholes, Tevez and Ronaldo.

23 minutes: Pavlyuchenko is trying to create scoring chance for Tottenham, but United defense is showing enough resistance

20 minutes: Tevez and Ronaldo are threatening Tottenham box very often

17 minutes: Nice attack from Tottenham, but Evanse was up to the mark and blocked it successfully.

10 minutes: The match is still goalless.

7 minutes: The match is going on with full swing. Both sides are trying to create chance.

Here, in this entry, we will be providing you live score and updates of the Carling Cup 2009 final between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. The match starts at 03:00 GMT. So, be with and enjoy the live updates of the match.

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