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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Champions League 24 Feb: Inter Milan vs Manchester United Updates

Inter Milan (0) vs Manchester United (0)

The match ended in goal less draw. Both sides missed a number of chances. Though United was in dominating form in the first half, Milan came back in the second half.

90+3 minutes: Ronaldo's bone chilling free kick was blocked by Milan keeper successfully.

90+2 minutes: Rooney was on attack, but nothing happened. Ronaldo earned a free kick. Cordoba shown yellow card.

90 minutes: Three minutes of stoppage time added on. Attack- Counter attack going on at this moment.

89 minutes: Another crucial save by Milan keeper as he denied Rooney.

87 minutes: Both sides are looking for a winning goal. Rooney was shown yellow card.

85 minutes: Milan got another free kick, Ibrahimovich's deflected free kick went out for goal kick.

83 minutes: Rooney comes on the pitch in place of Ji-Sung Park

81 minutes: Milan got a free kick, but poorly taken. Another threatening corner taken by Milan, United keeper gripped it on the goal line

79 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances.

76 minutes: Giggs had a good chance, but was squared off as was blocked by Milan defender. Adriano and Muntari was taken off and Cruz, Belletteri came on the pitch.

74 minutes: Milan was on attack again.

72 minutes: Inter Milan had another good attack, but it was cleared in the end.

69 minutes: Milan got a free kick from a dangerous position, but it was poorly taken by Macion.

67 minutes: Milan is trying to keep the pressure on the visitors. So far, Milan has been player much better than Untied in the second half. United got a good chance, and earned a corner, but nothing happened.

64 minutes: Ronaldo attacked in Milan defense, but nothing happened in the end.

62 minutes: Inter Milan is now on attack.

59 minutes: Maicon was shown yellow card.

56 minutes: Cambiaso's shot threatened United. Chivu was shown yellow card for illegally tacking United's Berbatov

54 minutes: Manchester United was on attack, but nothing happened in the end.

51 minutes: Stoykovic shot went wide off the target.

48 minutes: Adriano missed the best chance of Milan so far in the match. Ibrahimovich threatened and then another good chance for Milan. Milan got a corner, it was cleared by United defense.

46 minutes: The second half started just now.

It is now half time in San Siro. Manchester United dominated the first half. Be with us, we will be right back to take you through the second half.

45+1 minutes: Inter Milan got a free kick, but nothing happened in the end.

45 minutes: Cambiaso threatened in the United half. 1 minute of injury time added on.

43 minutes: There was a verbal clash between the referee and Milan substitutes and Figo and Toldo, who are on the sideline, were shown yellow card.

40 minutes: Ibramovich had a dangerous cross in the United box, but the Manchester Untied keeper was up to the mark to grip it successfully. Then, United got a corner, and Milan keeper cleared it with his fist.

38 minutes: Another attack from Manchester Untied.

35 minutes: Manchester United is dominating in the match.

33 minutes: Inter Milan had a rare attack in United defense.

31 minutes: Manchester United got another free kick from 31 meters distance, but Ronaldo's shot was deflected off the the human wall.

29 minutes: Another free kick for Manchester United, and another good save by Milan keeper. Ronaldo head again threatened Milan, and once again the Milan keeper appeared as savior of the home side.

27 minutes: Giggs missed perhaps the best chance of the match so far. He got the goalkeeper alone, but the Milan keeper blocked it for corner. The corner was cleared by Milan defense.

25 minutes: Visitors are on attack now.

22 minutes: Untied got another corner, but nothing happened in the end.

19 minutes: Berbatov was onside there, but he could not send a pass to the player in side the box. Then Milan was on an excellent counter attack.

17 minutes: Inter Milan is now busy in defending as United is in attacking mood.

14 minutes: Manchester United got another free kick from just outside the box, but Ronaldo's shot was deflected off the human wall.

10 minutes: Another threating attack by Ronaldo

8 minutes: Ronaldo's long range free kick went just wide off the target.

6 minutes: Manchester United got a corner and Ronaldo met Giggs corner, but his head was blocked by the keeper.

3 minutes: Manchester United got a free kick from a dangerous position. Ronaldo free kick was gripped by Milan keeper.

0 minute: The match has started just now.

The match will start within a minute. So, do not go anywhere now.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the kick off.

Players are coming on the field. David Beckham is seen handshaking with his former Manchester United teammates.

We will be giving live score and updates of the exciting Champions League clash between Inter Milan and Manchester Untied in this entry. The match kicks off at 19:45 GMT. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the match.

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