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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why Should you Visit Sports37 Blog?

Sports37 (http://www.sports37.com ) is a new blog on a sports and there is one a strong reason why you should visit this website: it is our new blog on sports and the good thing is that at last we can have our own domain. Until now, we have been many working on blogspot blogs. It is not bad and reality is that we have seen some decent amount of success in the last Two and half years. For example, This blog (Techtianment) has now around 1000 Fedburner readers and we also have experienced around 1.1 million visitors in the last two years. That is an impressive Record for any sports related blog. But now, we feel that it is the time to move on to our own domain and build a brand. After doing some research he found out that Sports37 can be a good brand name for us and we hope to do something substantial in the coming days there. So, if you enjoyed our writings then I arts you to visit the address and subscribe to the feed of Sports37.

And what will happen to this blog?  We will surely continue to update it but we may change to topic of this blog and go to the original team of technology. 

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