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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nikon D90 & Canon EOS 5D MarkII: DSLR camera

Canon and Nikon introduced two new models of Digital Single-lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras that have enhanced video recording capabilities. Now days, every digital still camera comes with video recording capabilities but they are not of very high quality. DSLR cameras have become very popular among professional photographers and camera enthusiasts. Nikon Corporation (TYO:7731) released the Nikon D90, a camera for high-end users. On the other hand, Canon Inc. (TYO:7751) released Canon EOS 5D MarkII camera, for professionals and amateur photographers. Both are DSLR cameras and both come with enhanced video capturing capabilities. The Seattle Times reports: 

One advantage of putting video recording into a DSLR is the convenience of carrying just one device for video and still images — and knowing that both formats will offer high quality. Most point-and-shoot cameras record only passable video, and camcorders tend to skimp on still-image quality. 

You also can shoot video using any lens that works on the camera, increasing the options for shooting wide-angle vistas or controlling depth of field to create soft backgrounds. 

Now, a photo-journalist covering a breaking news will have a major advantage as he has still picture and video capacity in one camera. In the same way, when a photographer is taking pictures at a wedding, he can take both still pictures and video.

The Nikon D90 records at 720p (progressive). It has "Live View" mode which enables the user to switch to the larger display on the back of the camera and enable video recording. Now, the main problem is, during this “Live View mode” you can not use the auto-focus option. In case of a still picture, this is fine, but moving pictures become very difficult to shoot. The Nikon D90 also records mono audio not stereo. On the other hand, the EOS 5D Mark II records at 1080p.


The Nikon D90 will cost $1000 (body only).

The Canon EOS 5D MarkII will cost $2,700 (body only).

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