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Monday, November 24, 2008

ICL 2008: India vs Pakistan Live Score and Analysis

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the ICL India XI vs Pakistan XI match then visit the following link:

ICL 20s World Series, 2008/09: India-Pakistan Match Updates

It is not a real India and Pakistan match and you may think that why we should bother about it. After all, Indian cricket league is not a real cricket as it is not sanctioned by international cricket council. But I I agree with you but at the same time I have to say that any kind of India and Pakistan match has its own attraction. Cricket is the most popular sport in both the canto countries and millions of people eagerly await for the day that of any match between them. So, I’m sure that tonight thousands of people will eagerly be in front of their television sets to enjoy the match.

Many people may feel that Pakistan has good advantaged in today’s match because Lahore team recently won the championship of Indian cricket league T20 tournament 2008. Pakistan team comprises of the almost same players that own the tournament a few days ago. They look like a solid game and they have a strong players in all the departments. I am impressed with their bowling attack as they have some one class bowlers in their team. But in fact, you have to agree with me that they have the best bowling lineup among all the teams.

There is an added advantage and incentive for Pakistan team. It seems that the new director general of PCB is inclined to accommodate Indian ticket league players in domestic cricket of Pakistan. So, It is perhaps a matter of time that ICL players will be able to play in domestic cricket in the country and who knows, they may be included in the national team very soon.

Let us not be get too much carried away with the strong team from Pakistan. Indian team has some quality players And they performed well in the recently concluded twenty20 tournament. India is all is famous for batting instant and the current Indian team in ICL has also some quality batsmen. What I liked about them is that they have some good fielders too. They have something to live for tonight because It has come to the media that ICL is becoming a popular event in television ratings. So, a good performance in the tournament can ensure the popularity of some players. But good performance can also bring a lot of money for them to as it is becoming a popular TV event in India.

You can find good analysis and live score in Cricinfo.com

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