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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Demand for Mobile Phone in India will be Growing in 2009

World economy is now going through a bad patch of time and businesses in different counties are now being badly hit by the current economic slowdown. However, the mobile phone market in India seems to be different in this regard. Research firm iSuppli has recently forecast that the growth of mobile phone market in India will continue as 3G (third generation) and WiMAX networks are expected to be implemented next year. Moreover, there is another thing- mobile number portability- which is also expected to keep the market growing in 2009. Mobile number portability means retaining the same phone number, even when changing mobile operator.

PC World reported:

Auctions of 3G spectrum by the Indian government are now scheduled to be held by January, India's Communications and IT Minister, A. Raja, said earlier this month. They were originally planned to be held last month.

India's mobile phone demand is expected to rise to 136 million units in 2009, up 24 percent from 110 million this year, iSuppli said. This compares to 17 percent growth in 2008.

It is good news for the mobile phone operators in India that the market growth will be continuing next year, amidst economic slowdown. India has one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in the world.

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