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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joe Calzagh Rejected Bernard Hopkins’ Proposal for a Rematch

After defeating American boxer Bernard Hopkins in April this year, Joe Calzagh from Wales is not interested to face Bernard Hopkins in a rematch, citing that it would be boring to have a second bout between them. Hopkins gave Kelly Pavlik his first defeat on last Saturday in Atlantic City, and after the match, he called for a rematch with Joe Calzagh. Hopkins also said that he was ready to face Joe Calzagh even in Wales. However, Joe Calzagh did not show any interest to Hopkins’ calls for another fight.

Joe Calzagh is now focused on an upcoming bout with Roy Jones Jnr and with this fight, Calzagh’s glorious career will come to an end.

Wales Online reported:

“Screw Hopkins, I’m not fighting again for any amount of money,” he said.

“I’ve been doing this for too long and Roy Jones will definitely be my last fight.

“I have beaten Hopkins and I don’t want to go back over trodden ground. It’s history and he should just get over it.

“I don’t think a second fight would be any more entertaining. In fact I think it would be even more boring.

“A rematch doesn’t get me excited. I won the last fight but it wasn’t great to watch and it’s definitely a combination that doesn’t gel.

“He won’t come out and fight and I will just win it more comfortably because it will be in Wales. All he wants is another payday.”

However, Joe Calzagh is happy with the way Hopkins defeated Pavlik. He feels more proud of his win over Bernard Hopkins after seeing the Hopkins’ dominance over Pavlik. Joe Calzagh is considered to be one of the great boxers and he is adamant that he will finish off his career with the bout against Roy Jones Jnr. Now, let us see if Joe Calzagh can end his career with a victory.

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