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Friday, October 10, 2008

England vs Kazakhstan 2008: Who Will Win?

I am happy to see the match taking place in England. It will give some England players to show their talent in front of home supporters against  weak opponent. I know that many fans are now discussing among themselves about the victory margin in tomorrow’s match. England vs Kazakhstan is not supposed to be a big match but since England failed to qualify for Euro 2008, each and every match of the national team is important to the fans.

In the campaign for qualification of World Cup 2010 finals, England is in good position write now. They have won both of the matches so far and the most important thing is that both of the matches were away matches. So, the players should not have any problem about having boosting morale or high confidence. I also think that it should not be a big problem for England to win the match. Of course, you have to remember that in the last few years, England national football team have disappointed the fans on many occasions.

I think that Theo Walcott will be the man for England tomorrow. Of course, he has not played that well after the magical performance against Croatia. Let us see, if he can shine once more for the national team.

In another of my blogs, I have written a detailed article about the match and I invite you to read it:

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