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Friday, September 26, 2008

Should Thierry Henry Come Back to Arsenal?

It was a great shock for most arsenal supporters when Thierry Henry left the club before the start of the last season. It caused a lot of pain Too many people and many feel that his departure was some kind of betrayal to the club. Well, I don’t agree with them because Thierry Henry is a professional footballer and he has every right to do what is best for him. Having said that, I talked to and I still think that leading the London club was perhaps that was a decision of his life that was taken by Thierry Henry. Live at the new club Barcelona has been everything but ideal. He could not play a most of the time and he was largely overlooked by the coach at the Barcelona. So, I think that Thierry Henry has lost almost two years of life and he is becoming old and he’s losing and is a skill in the profession. Now let us come back to the question of whether he should come back or not to arsenal. I feel that he should not make the same mistake twice. If he’s leaving London was the biggest mistake of his life Then not returning to arsenal would be even a worst mistake. He Is now 31 years old and he has I just three or four years of time of playing football at the top level. Arsenal will be the best place for him to do something. Well, some people have already started comparing Carlos Vela with Henry but I don’t think that it is a good comparison at this moment. 

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