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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Should Thierry Henry Come back to Arsenal?

You can find some reports these days in different newspapers and website that Manchester United is getting interested about Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry is now playing for Barcelona and he had a terrible last season with the Spanish club. Hardly anything went right for him at La Liga last season. So, there is speculation that English Premier League would be the best place for him. Of course, until now, Henry has said nothing on the record. In fact, it seems that he is keen to make a difference for Barcelona this season.

Now, Arsene Wenger has joined the conversation and he feels that if Henry decides to come back to EPL then he should only join Arsenal. Of course, you may think that Arsene Wenger is smart and he is playing a psychological game with Henry and Man Utd. However, you have to remember that Henry was his prodigy. When he brought Henry to Arsenal, Henry was nobody. So, yes, Arsene Wenger is in a position to give him advice.

Now, the important question is that should Henry come back to EPL or not? I think that he should come back. If he wants then he can wait for another season and try his luck with Barcelona but I think that he was a good fit for EPL. Even if he comes to Man Utd still, it is a good choice for him. Of course, he should think of Arsenal first. In fact, he should not have left the club in the first place.

What do you think?

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