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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Olympics 2008: Brazil Wins Football Match Against Belgium

The Group C match between Brazil and Belgium has just finished and the final score is Brazil 1—Belgium 0. Brazilian fans are happy with the score but the reality is that they had hardly anything to celebrate except the goal. Belgium lost two players from red card they played the last few minutes with just 9 men. However, Belgium played very well and for most of the part of the match they looked like the favorite. Brazilian players looked out of touch and a bit nervous.

Anyway, you know that Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 will start from tomorrow officially with the opening ceremony. However, the football matches have started from today and it was the first match for both Brazil and Belgium. Brazil will play against New Zealand in the next match while Belgium will take on host China. These two matches will take place on 10 August 2008.

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