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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Arsenal: In Support of Arsene Wenger

It seems that the departure of Emmanuel Adebayor is going to be a matter of time now. Emmanuel Adebayor is going to the Italian club AC Milan. AC Milan is paying Arsenal a huge amount of money for this striker. He was the second top striker in English Premier League in last season and he scored the highest number of goals for Arsenal. So, this departure will surely shock a lot of fans. At the beginning of the last season, the departure of Henry brought similar shock to the fans too.

Alexander Hleb is also leaving Arsenal. He is going to Barcelona. A few weeks ago, Mathieu Flamini did the same thing- left Arsenal.

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is now facing a lot of criticism from almost everyone. The journalists are writing against him, many fans are unhappy to see that Arsenal is not winning any trophies for a long time. I guess that some officials of this club have the same negative feeling. It is not that Arsene Wenger takes all the decision for the club but most people are unhappy with him. This is the thing that makes me astonished.

Yes, Arsene Wenger is just the coach of the club. He is surely the most successful coach and he is still a good coach. Still, at the end of the day, he is just the coach of club. He does not control the money matters. Even he does not take any big decision for the club. Still, all the criticism are aimed against him these days. Some people feel that it is Arsene Wenger who is not interested to buy any big football stars and this is the main reason behind the club’s lack of success. What most people forget is that Arsenal is now under pressure finically because of arranging the cost of the new stadium. The new stadium is big and it can accommodate more spectators and that means more cash. However, Arsenal had to be in debt for building this stadium. They have to repay the loan and thus, it is a tough time for the club.

I admire Arsene Wenger for this matter a lot. If he demands for having cash to buy super stars like Ronaldo then I am sure that many people will start to praise him. Arsene Wenger can do it and if he does it, hardly anyone will blame him. Wenger can also ask to restructure the wage structure of the club. Arsenal pays much lower salary than Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid. Many players are unhappy with this matter. So, if Arsene Wenger calls for changing the salary structure for the club then he has nothing to lose. Instead, he will get appreciated by those people who want Arsenal to buy big football stars and pay them huge sum of money weekly. After all, Arsene Wenger will not have to pay anyone from his own pocket. Like any other coach, he wants to have top players and if he gets top players like Henry and Ronaldo then he can win trophies just like the coaches of Man Utd or Chelsea. So, we should reflect on the matter that why Wenger is so adamantly supporting the wage structure of the club.

Arsene Wenger is helping the club a lot in these tough days. He is looking at the future. He is not a selfish man and just look at today. Football is after all a big business. Business understands only two things: profit and loss. Everything else is useless. You may get big stars and pay them abnormal amount of money but at the end of the day, you have to make sure that your club remains profitable.

Wenger has given a lot to Arsenal. He has given them almost every thing except Champions League trophy. He has transformed some obscure players in world celebrities and it has brought a lot of money for the club. Arsenal sold Anelka with a huge profit. Who knew Henry before he came to Arsenal? Who knew Emmanuel Adebayor even 2 years ago?

Fans want success but they have to grow up too. Arsenal has a huge fan base. I wish that some fans could come forward to support the club financially. If 1 million fans just donate 100 US dollar each then Arsene Wenger could have $100 million for buying some good players.

By the way, I have decided to open an Arsenal Blog. If you are a supporter of Arsenal then you should regularly visit Arsenal Blog.

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