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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ana Ivanovic vs Dinara Safina: Who Will Win French Open Final 2008?

Ana Ivanovic (2) vs Dinara Safina (13)

It is perhaps one of the most exciting and shocking final of French Open Tennis. I have been following Tennis regularly since 1988 and in my two decades of observation, I really cannot remember any other final match like this one between Ana Ivanovic and Dinara Safina. You can easily understand that when French Open 2008 started two weeks ago, none of the two players were favorites to win the tournament. Now, in the final they have come. Who will win the title of Ladies Singles in French Open 2008- Ivanovic or Safina?

The main similarity that they have is that both of them are from East Europe. This time, in quarterfinal, most of the girls came from East Europe. So, be mentally prepared for long time dominance of East European girls in world tennis. If Ivanovic wins the final then she will not get the Singles championship of French Open 2008 but also she will get the much coveted number one ranking in Women tennis today. Yes, Ana Ivanovic will become number one female player in the world if she wins today. This is something to fight for, isn’t it?

I think that whether Dinara Safina wins or loses the match, her ranking will improve after tonight. She has done enough in this tournament. Dinara Safina has defeated Maria Sharapova, Kuznetsova and Dementieva. Her magic run has shocked almost everyone including her family and friends. They are behind her 100%. Dinara Safina wants to win tonight’s match. Well, my advice for her is that whether she wins or loses today’s match, she should focus on her Tennis. Dinara Safina reminds me of the magical run of Marion Bartoli last year in Wimbledon. Bartoli defeated almost everyone to reach the final and then she became runners up. After that, Bartoli has become an obscured name to us with her bad performance. So, I just hope that Safina tries harder after French Open finishes.

Ana Ivanovic is perhaps the most popular female tennis player today. Many people think her to be hot and they search about Sexy Ana Ivanovic in Google. So, normally, she is supposed to be the crowd favorite. Well, many people love underdogs too and that is why, many fans will support Safina today.

So, who will win today?

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