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Saturday, May 24, 2008

EURO 2008: The Last Major Tournament for Jens Lehmann?

Jens Lehmann is 38 years old now and he has just finished his season at Arsenal. At this age, most footballers do not continue playing and in retirement for a long time. However, Jens Lehmann is not like this and he is very experienced. He has left Arsenal and he is looking for a good club. However, he is confident that he will play in EURO 2008 for Germany and he will be in superb form. Of course, many people may think that Jens Lehmann may not be good choice for Germany in EURO 2008 because he spent most of the time at the bench for Arsenal last season.

Lehmann is determined that he will try his best to impress everyone in EURO 2008. He is too eager to show others that his time has not finished yet. Well, I think that Jens Lehmann should consider retiring and if he really likes football that much, he should consider becoming a coach. In fact, goalkeeping is a very important position and Lehmann was a very successful goal keeper both in club level and in international level. So, if Lehmann decides to become a coach then he can give a lot of useful tips to the goalkeepers of new generation.

What do you think of Jens Lehmann in EURO 2008? Will he be able to impress everyone with his performance?

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