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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Manchester United vs Arsenal EPL: Live Score and Updates

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Manchester United (2) vs Arsenal (1)

Full time: Manchester United won the match by 2-1 and now has 6 points advantage over Chelsea in the league table, while Arsenal's title hope has perhaps come to the dead end with nine points behind the leaders.

90 minutes: Gael Clichy's attack intereppted in Manchester United defense

89 minutes: Ryan Giggs comes in place of Owen Hargreaves of Manchester United.

88 minutes: Arsenal is frequently attacking on Manchester United defense but the much awaited goal has not come for them

85 minutes: Time is running out for Arsenal and they are still trial by a goal

83 minutes: Justin Hoyte has come in the field in place of Kolo Toure. Wenger is tyring in every possible way to save his side from a defeat

82 minutes: Pressure is mounting on Arsenal and they are trying to level the score

80 minutes: Arsenal is trying hard to come back in the match

78 minutes: Nicklas Bendtner has come in place of Robin Van Persie

75 minutes: Arsenal is trying to equalize and ball is now on Manchester United half

71 minutes: Manchester scored again and now leading by 2-1 in the match. Owen Hargreaves scored the crucial goal for the host side

69 minutes: Owen Hargreaves was offside there.

68 minutes: No team is currently dominaitng now

65 minutes: Arsenal is playing better now and ball is in Manchester United half most of the time now

63 minutes: Arsenal is on attack

61 minutes: Neither team is now dominating in the match. M. Carrick shown yellow card

58 Minutes: Manchester United scored the equalizer. Ronaldo scored from penalty for Manchester United

54 minutes: Manchester United trying hard to score the equalizer

48 minutes: Arsenal has socred and now leading by 1-0. Adebayor scored his 20th league goal.

46 minutes: Second half has started just now

First half has finished. We will take you through the second half when match resumes.

45 Minutes: The first half ended with no goal yet to come from neither Manchester United nor Arsenal

44 Minutes: Arsenal is really playing very well and Van der Ser is spending a busy time

39 minutes: COrner fofr Manchester UNitede

Dear readers, here strom has come in our city. So electricity can go any moment. Please, forgive us if we can not continue.

38 minutes: Arsenal is now on attack

36 minutesd: Rooney missed the easiest chance of the match. Corner for Manchester United

35 minutes: Another miss for Arsenal from Adabeydor

33 minutes: It is mainly a neat and clean match so far. No big fowl or now yellow card until now

30 minutes: Arsenal again attacked and shot of Gilberto was too wide

27 minutes: Lovely build up for Arsenal but Adabeyur's shot was too high in the end

25 minutes: Lehman again got the ball for Arsenal. He is hungry for action today

23 minutes: Rooney against scored out of no where. Arsenal survived thanks to Lehman

22 minutes: Anotehr attack from Arsenal. Arsenal is playing much better today

19 minutes: On the other end, Rooney almost scored a goal out of no where but his shot was too wide in teh end.

18 minutes: Good counter attack from Arsenal. Love one touch football but finishing was not good

16 minutes: Another attack from Arsenal but nothing happened in the end becuase of poor fisnihing in the end

14 minutes: Loverly counter attack from Manchester United

13 minutes: Arsenal had a lovely attack and was close to a goal. A corner from it and anotehr corner now

11 Minutes: Freekick for Manchester United but badly taken by Ronaldo. Another freekick

9 minutes: Anotehr attack from Arsenal

6 mninus: fabregas missed a chance for Arsenal. his shot was a bit too high.

5 minutes: Arsenal is playing better until now

3 minutes: First good attack of the match from Arsenal

0 minutes: Match has started and Arsenal has the first attack

Manchester United vs Arsenal match will start within few minutes. Here we will be giving live score and updates of the match with text commentary. If you are interested then be our guest here in this entry and refresh the page after every few minutes.

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Manchester has to win! They are absolutely amazing!!!! I want the game to end, so they can declare it!