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Monday, April 21, 2008

Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League: Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard Ready for the Tie

There are less than 24 hours left before the kick off of the much awaited Liverpool vs Chelsea match today. The match will take place at the Anfield stadium, the home ground of Liverpool. There was a major concern among the Liverpool fans regarding the fitness of Captain Steven Gerrard, who was suffering from a neck injury. However, manager Rafael Benitez has recently revealed in a statement that Steven Gerrard is fit for the match. However, there is good news for the Chelsea fans as well because Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is also going to take part in the match, after missing two matches for Chelsea.

Goal.com reported:

"Although still very ill, her [Lampard’s mother] condition has now stabilised", said Kutner in a statement about Lampard's mother who was admitted to hospital suffering from pnuemonia.

"Stevie is a fantastic player and he's 100% focused on his career with Liverpool.

"He's fit for the game. Maybe after he's scored the winning goal in the semi-final, maybe he will be worth more."

So, you can see that Rafael Benitez is also expecting the winning goal from Steven Gerrard. Well, it would be very good if he could really do that for the home side. However, it should be remembered that Chelsea is a strong side and the task would not be that easy for Chelsea, even though the match is taking place in Anfield stadium. Now, let us see if Steven Gerrard can live up to the expectation against Chelsea and contribute to Liverpool’s success in the match.

What do you think about Gerrard’s performance in the match?

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