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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings Live Score

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Delhi Daredevils vs Rajasthan Royals: Preview and Live Score

Chennai Super Kings won the match by 33 runs

Kings XI Punjab needs 241 runs to win the match

Kings XI Punjab Innings:

20 overs: XIP is 207/4 Chennai Super Kings won the match by 33 runs

19.4 overs: XIP is 206/4

19.1 overs: XIP is 199/4

19 overs: XIP is 198/4 43 runs needed for XIP to win this match from six balls.

18.4 overs: XIP is 195/4

18 overs: XIP is 192/4 What a successful over for Chennai. Just six runs came with the much awaited wicket of Sangakara

17.4 overs: XIP is 190/4 Sangakara went back to pavillion being the first victim of Muralitharan

17.2 overs: XIP is 190/3 Muralithran is bowling his final over

17 overs: XIP is 186/3

16.4 overs: XIP is 183/3 Sangakara reached his half century off 29 balls

16.3 overs: XIP is 179/3

16 overs: XIP is 176/3 XIP needs 65 runs to win this match from 24 balls

15.3 overs: XIP is 172/3

15 overs: XIP is 165/3

14.4 overs: XIP is 158/3 Yuvraj Singh got out for 23 off 13 balls.

14.1 Overs: XIP is 153/3 Yuvraj Singh and Sangakara now need to go after all the bowlers

14 overs: XIP is 152/2 9 runs came from this over

13.4 overs: XIP is 152/2 Muralitharan is bowling his third over

13 overs:
XIP is 141/2

2.2 overs: XIP is 134/2 Yuvraj Singh hit a SIX

12 Overs:
XIP is 127/2 12 runs came in this over.

11.4 overs: XIP is 126 /2 Sangakara hit a four and a SIX so far this over
11.2 overs: XIP is 122/2 XIP fans are waitign to see another cracking innings from Yuvi

11 Overs: XIP is 115/2 XIP captain Yuvraj Singh has come to the wicket

10.2 Overs: XIP is 111/2 Hopes got out as XIP lost thier second wicekt

10 Overs:
XIP is 110/1 XIP needs 131 runs from 60 balls to win the match

9.2 Overs:
XIP is 104/1

9 Overs: XIP is 97/1 Another successful over for XIP.

8.3 overs: XIP is 93/1 Hopes is now on fire

8 Overs:
XIP is 84/1 Hopes hit three boundaries in this over and completed his half century off just 24 balls.

7.5 Overs: XIP is 83/1 Amarnath is now bowling; JR Hopes and Kumar Sangakara is now batting

7 Overs:
XIP is 69/1 Muralitharan got off to a good start conceding only six runs in this over.

6.4 overs: XIP is 67/1

6.1 overs: XIP is 65/1 Dhoni brings Muralitharan into attact. it is amazing to see Murlitharan bowling against Sangakara

6 Overs: XIP is 63/1 It was an eventful over.
K Goel got out as XIP lost thier first. JR Hopes hit two huge SIX this over

5.4 Overs: XIP is 56/0

5.2 Overs: XIP is 54/0

5 Overs: XIP is 47/0.

4.2 overs:
KXP is 37/0

The second part of the match will start wtihin a few minutes. Read some old entries from the blog.
The target for
Kings XI Punjab is 241 runs from 20 overs.
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Innings

20 Overs: CSK total score is 240/5.

19.1 Overs: CSK is 221/5

18.4 Overs: CSK is 207/5. Mike Hussey has scored century from just 500 balls.

17.2 Overs: CSK is 187/5

16 Overs: CSK is 169/5

15 Overs: CSK is 161/4

14 Overs: CSK is 142/4

13 Overs: CSK is 133/4. 4th wicket of CSK fell in this over.

12 Overs: CSK is 127/3.

11 Overs: CSK is 107/3.

10 Overs: CSK is 88/3.

8 Overs: CSK is 70/3. CSK Captain Dhoni got out for 1.

7 Overs: CSK is 62/2. CSK lost second wicket in this over.

6 Overs: CSK is 53/1

5 Overs: CSK is 42/1

4 Overs: CSK is 33/1

3 Overs: CSkK is 27. CSK has lost first wicket in this over.

2 Overs: CSK is 20/0. parthiv Patel is in superb form.

1 Overs: CSK is 5/0.

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