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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

India vs Pakistan ICL: Preview and Live Score

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the ICL India XI vs Pakistan XI match then visit the following link:

ICL 20s World Series, 2008/09: India-Pakistan Match Updates

In sports, India vs Pakistan is perhaps the biggest rivalry in the world. This is a rivalry that attracts all the people who are from India and Pakistan. Indian rivalry with Pakistan originated from Politics and then it spread to sports. Now, India and Pakistan are not at war with each other but they are at war in sports. The rivalry is most intense in Cricket because Cricket is the most popular game both in India and Pakistan. In any form of cricket India-Pakistan match always brings a lot of media attention and excitement among the fans of these two countries. So, many people are eagerly waiting for the India vs Pakistan match in Indian Cricket League (ICL) which is going to take place on 11 April 2008. This is going to be the first match between these two countries in ICL.

Hindustan Times wrote:

The winners stand to gain Rs 1.25 crore and the runners-up will be richer by Rs 75 lakh while the third-placed side will pocket Rs 50 lakh.

That’s not all, for there are prizes to be won in the preliminary stage as well. While every team winning a match in the league phase stands to gain Rs 10 lakhs and the man of the match will be richer by Rs 2 lakhs.

On the face of it, though the money being offered by the ICL might seem quite less compared to the moolah being offered by the Indian Premier League — Rs 12 crore — but a closer analysis proves to the contrary.

Indian Cricket League (ICL) has started the tournament in which teams representation countries are taking part. It is called ICL World Series and it is taking place from April 9 to April 15. There is huge prize money and in fact Rs. 32 million prize money are at stake. In World Series, three teams are taking part. There is Indian XI, Pakistan XI and World XI. In Indian XI, cricket players from India are included. Pakistan has a team comprising of Pakistani players. The players of other countries are included in the World team. Earlier today, the tournament started and there were a huge number of fans cheering for the team. The match took place between India XI vs World XI. This match was shown live in two TV channels: ZEE Sports and Ten Sports. ZEE Sports is not that popular in India but Ten Sports has a lot of viewers because Ten Sports provides live coverage to some very important sporting events in South Asia.

Now, let us focus on the two teams. ICL India team was selected by Kapil Dev and others. In ICL, there are a number of Indian players. SO, they had a difficult task to take seventeen players and omit others. So, there are some experienced and young players in the team. Kapil Dev seems hopeful that Indian team they selected will play well. Well, Indian team did not inspire the fans against the World XI. Indian team played bad and was totally outclassed by the World XI. Now, tomorrow the players of Indian team has one day break as they are not going to play. They are going to play on Friday against Pakistan team. Indian team should give lot of effort to practice fielding tomorrow.

Television Point wrote:

Kapil Dev, Chairman, Executive board, Indian Cricket League (ICL) said, "In this ICL 20s World Series, our promising domestic boys face the toughest challenge of proving their cricketing credentials against two of the mightiest teams in the world. I am sure, this series will display good quality cricket for the patrons of the game."

With exhilarating performances throughout the recently concluded Edelweiss 20s Challenge, the Indian boys have caught the imagination of the cricketing world and in turn raising expectations amongst the Indian cricket fans, when they take on two formidable international sides in their stiffest challenge on the ICL platform.

For Pakistan XI, it is a very important work. Earlier this week, Lahore Badshahs lost in the final match against an Indian team. So, it has become a matter of fight for Pakistan XI. This team has a number of experienced players like Inzamam-ul-Haq and Abdul Razzaq. There is also Azhar Mahmood and spinner Mushtaq Ahmed. Of course, Azhar Mahmood and Mushtaq Ahmed are not going to play in the match because they will be busy in County Cricket in England. Pakistani players are eager to win the championship because this will bring a lot of cash for them. Also a huge number of people in Pakistan are waiting for their team to do well against Indian team.

The News wrote:

Pakistan will be bolstered by the inclusion of seasoned all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, who inspired the Heroes’ triumph and in the process landed the Man-of-the-Tournament award earlier this week. Also included in the side is pacer Shabbir Ahmed.

The duo will be replacing all-rounder Azhar Mahmood and veteran spinner Mushtaq Ahmed who have been released to play for their respective county sides in England.

ICL India XI vs ICL Pakistan XI: Online Live Score and Updates

Well, I think you would like to watch the match either on Zee TV or Ten Sports as it is going to be another India-Pakistan showdown. However, unfortunately some of you may not be able to manage your time to enjoy the match, but do not put your head down. You can still enjoy the online live score and updates of this seemingly mouth watering clash between India and Pakistan. Here, I am giving some of the website links of online live score and updates from where you can get to know the updated score of the match:










It is surely going to be a tough match. If you ask me who will win I think that Pakistan team has an edge over Team India. Indian team is mainly comprised of young players who did not have that much of test cricket or ODI cricket experience for their national team. On the other hand, most of the players of Pakistani team were former players of Pakistan national cricket team and have a lot of experience in both ODI and test team. However, we have to remember that this is Twenty20 cricket and anything can happen. India has some young players and if young players can work hard then it will give them an edge over Pakistan too.

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