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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EURO 2008 vs Olympic 2008: Who Will Win?

It seems like a competition. In the same year, UEFA European Championship EURO 2008 and Beijing Olympics 2008 are taking place. In fact, June 2008 will be the month of EURO 2008, while August 2008 will be the month of Beijing Olympics 2008. Both the events are big business for the respective organizations. UEFA and FIFA are behind EURO 2008, while International Olympic Committee (IOC) is behind Olympics 2008. The two events are also the big business for the host countries. Austria and Switzerland are hosting the football event, while China is organizing Olympic 2008. Now, some people are debating in the media that which event will be able to attract more attention in the media and among the sports fans. In this age of satellite tv, both events have become global events indeed. In EURO 2008, only European football teams are taking part. So, it should be limited to European countries. However, because of satellite TV channels, almost all the players taking part in EURO 2008 are known to other continents. For example, there are many fans in Asia who are crazy for European football. So, you can make sure that EURO 2008 will be indeed a global event.

I think that Beijing Olympics will have one problem. The time zone means that many American TV viewers will be sleeping while many events of Beijing Olympics 2008 will take place. This is something that will give EURO 2008 a huge advantage. All the matches will be played in ideal time for Asian, European and Africa regions. Football is not that popular in America but there are some American football fans and even EURO 2008 time and schedule will be ideal for them to enjoy in their tv sets.

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