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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Suzanne Pagella Suicide and Some Reflections

After her death, suzanne pagella has perhaps become more famous than while she was alive. Very few people cared about her when she was alive and now, thousands of people are curious to know why he committed suicide. suzanne pagella was a TV news anchor and she was not that famous to be included in Wikipedia.
In fact, a Google search with her name would bring just 2,960 results. Even in Google news, I just found that 3 news websites have covered the news of her death. Well, in Google Hot Trends, suzanne pagella is of the most searched items now.

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I went through some of the news items about Suzanne Pagella and I felt sad after reading about her. She had normal life- she had a good job, she was a mother of four children and she was married. Things went terribly wrong for her in the recent time and she lost her way in life.

AP wrote:

As a married Suzanne Wangler, she appeared to have it all: a career as a popular television news anchor, a husband who was a former college quarterback, four children.

But at some point, Wangler's life went into free fall, with a divorce, debt and several arrests, including one last week on an embezzlement charge. It ended with a crash last weekend when Wangler's mother found her hanging from a beam in the basement of her Royal Oak home, just north of Detroit.

Wangler's defense attorney, Carl Marlinga, said he was concerned when they spoke at her arraignment.

"I said `Are you depressed? Are you suicidal?'" Marlinga said. "She just kind of laughed it off and said `Don't be silly.'"

But Wangler's life was nothing to make light of. Court and other documents reveal nearly $166,000 in financial judgments against her, multiple traffic citations and driver's license suspensions.

The tragic thing is that the life of Suzanne Pagella is that she lost her way not in her teenage years but much later in life. Suzanne Pagella was from a small town and she made it big in her life.

Times Online wrote:

“She could not handle all the pressure that was poured on her over the last three years,” her mother said Thursday.

“She was a girl of a small town, and she came up here and made it. She made it big,” her ex-mother-in-law, Theresa Wangler of the Detroit area, said Thursday. “She seemed very proud of being from Beaver. She visited there often with her children. It was home to her.”

Suzanne Pagella Wangler was a 1982 graduate of Beaver Area High School, where she was a cheerleader and track participant, and a writer for the school paper.

What makes me sad to see is that Suzanne Pagella was a hard working person. I could find nothing to show that she was a spoilt child or a teenager. No, she was a hard working person and she tried her best to get a decent education and then pursuer her career in journalism.

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